B9 + LA

A quick post about Los Angeles.

Chefs like Roy Choi and Dana Goodyear have called LA the best food city in America. So has renowned LA Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold. Going further, specialty coffee site Sprudge has called LA the most exciting city in the world for specialty coffee. While not modest words, we couldn’t agree more. LA is a city of dreamers, over-achievers, and perpetual optimists; and we couldn’t be happier to be representing this fantastic town.

Our goal in this company is to push things forward, from coffee to hospitality, to community and guest experience. We want to make our city proud with what we do, and as we grow we will continue to look for ways to partner with other LA companies and happenings to make this city stronger. We’ll host gatherings, pop-up retailers, pop up places ourselves, and talk all day about this city we hail from. Here’s to you, Los Angeles.

Our New Food Menu Launches Wednesday!

We are really excited to share with you our new in-house food menu, launching this Wednesday July 16th. Designed by Gavin Lansdale, of Ford’s Filling Station-fame, this is a rustic and seasonally-driven menu that not only complements the coffee beautifully, but is a beauty to behold all its own. Wednesday’s menu will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned…

Chef Gavin Lansdale

Chef Gavin Lansdale